Here are a few of Sue's Horses...

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Here's the newest addition to my 'horse collection'.  Tia Jo Treasure is 1 1/2 months old in this picture (she's about 3 months now).  An Arabian, she is  *Witez II and *Raffles bloodlines.  Both are very old Arabian bloodlines and don't resemble today's modern Arab in appearance or temperament.  These horses are bred to be very quiet, intelligent, obedient and extremely capable at a variety of tasks, from typical endurance to demanding sports such as cutting and reining.


Here's "Tumble", a bay roan QH mare.  She's 4 in these pictures (she's 5 now).  She's Skipper W and Colonel Freckles breeding, a prized cross for horses destined for cutting/reining/reined cow horse events.  Tumble is fast and catty and has a lot of "cow sense".  She's a real treat to ride, very very sensitive and responsive.  Better know what you're doing when you ride her or you'll end up on the ground!




Here's "Dusty", an Appy mare from the old Appy bloodlines.  This mare is EXTREMELY athletic and flexible, as were all the old appys, with feet like iron and stamina to go all day and a great mind to match.  Pictures taken this year, Dusty is 5.






These are just a couple of my gals, hope you enjoyed meeting them!

This site last updated August 07, 2001

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